Steam Filter & Housings

Steam Filter

Working principle / Application

Steam is commonly used for cleaning, sterilizing, heating , as a power source and as a feedstock in chemical reactions. Un all these cases the steam supply should be fine filtered to remove the significant amount of scale and debris produced by the boiler and distribution system pipe work. When the steam is used for heating food or beverage productsby direct injection - for example in the continuous sterilization of dairy products by uperisation - then the steam is known as culinary steam and will be subject to a range of purity requirements.

Features :

  • Increased cleanliness
  • Prevent contamination of sterile equipments.
  • Prevent contamination of food and beverage products.
  • Increase process efficiencies.
  • Prevent premature blockage of downstream filters.
  • Prevent fouling of critical orifices and components.
  • Better products quality - no particulate matters.
  • Less down time in plants.

Image description

Housing with Flange End

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Housing with Screw End

Series - BST Filter element advantages

  • Material S.S. 316 or S.S.316L
  • Physically strong hence no damage during use
  • Low resistance to flow hence less pressure drop
  • Good corrosion resistance hence longer service life
  • High temperature withstanding capacity
  • Repeatedly cleanable hence economical option.
  • No extractable or no media migrations.