Self Cleaning Basket Strainer

Self Cleaning Basket Strainer

Working Principle

Filtering Process :

The water flow through the cylindrical filter element inside-out,creating minimum pressure loss. During accumulation of filtration cake on inner surface of the screen,pressure loss is created accordingly.

Cleaning Process :

When the pressure drop between the inlet and outlet of the filter reached 0.5 bar,cleaning of the filtration cylinder is operated automatically.This operation consists of opening an exhaust valve located on the housing lid and starting the electric motor which revolving brushes and flushed out through the open exhaust valve.The cleaning duration is around 15 seconds.The service flow of the filtered water is continuous during the cleaning cycle.

Control System :

The differential pressure switch transmits an electric signal to the electric control board when the pressure differential across the screen reached the pre-set value.The control board activates the motor and opens the exhaust valve.If due to some fault the pressure drop over the filter is not eliminated by cleaning,the interval between successive cleaning operations is limited by control board to a minimum of 5 minutes.

Technical Specifications :

  • Design pressure: 10 or 16 Bar.
  • Minimum working pressure 1 Barg ( 10 Bar Max.)
  • Maximum temperature: 200
  • Control and Power supply - 220/440VAC,
  • 50/60 Hz ,Three phase.
  • Delta P , Timer control with Manual flushing.

Image description

Series - SLF Self Cleaning Basket Strainer - Carbon Steel

Image description

Series - SLF Self Cleaning Basket Strainer - Stainless Steel


  • Flow rates up to 1200 m3/H
  • Line Size available from 2" to 24".
  • Reduce maintenance costs on down stream equipment.
  • Filter area 3000,6000,8000,1000 cm2
  • Stainless Steel 304,316,316L construction.
  • Wedge wire screen AISI 316 L .
  • No interruption of flow during flushing.
  • Minimum waste water :less than 1% of total flow .
  • Suitable for high load filtration requirements and heavy duty conditions.
  • Filtration Degree: From 3500 ~ 50 Micron.
  • Duplex type available on request


  • Water supply systems.
  • Cooling water.
  • Waste water.
  • Fuel oil,crude oil.
  • In : oil refinery ,power plant,steel mill ,
  • pulp and paper,etc.