Pre filter

Working Principle

Coars / Pre Filters are primary stage of filters used to arrest large dust particles of size down to 10 micron and to filters lints,soot,plant pollen,insects and dust from atmospheric air,Thease filters are classified under DIN EN 779 / ASHRAE 52.2-1999 These filters are used in virtually any air handling applications.

Better filteration is the first step in improving indoor Air Quality. Pleated panel filters outperform ordinary furnace filters with higher efficiency and lower pressure drop allowing air-handling systems to stay cleaner and more efficiently.

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Pre Filters

General Features:

  • Most Suitable as a prefilter for LAF cabinets,clean room return air filters and air handling unit prefilters.
  • Synthetic adhesives to bond media to frame Cleanable with compressed air.
  • Non standard sizes can also be manufactured as per customer requirements.
  • The filter frames can be fabricated with / without flange as per specific customer requirements.
  • Protective screen or perforated sheet can be provided on specific request.
  • Available in casing thickness from 0.5mm to 2mm in variants of
  • Mild steel / Galvanised steel / Aluminium / Stainless steel with a surface finish of enamel painted or powder coated.
  • 5,10 ,20 microns available upon request.
  • Pressure Drop Shall be 5 to 102mmWC,Depends on the operating Conditions


  • Clean rooms for micro component
  • Electronic manufacture and assembly
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Bicharged atmosphere
  • Laminar flow workstations
  • Bio safe Hoods
  • Hospital Operating Theatre
  • Intensive care Units
  • Automic Research
  • Prefilter stage to ULPA systems