Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Working Principle

Bossmanfilter BEX - Series Shell and Tube heat exchangers system consisting of two pressure chambers and separated by the internal tube wall.One medium flows through the shell chambers and the second medium flows through the tube chamber.The flow through the shell will be controlled by baffles such that there is as much cross-flow to the tubes as possible.Fixed tube bundle heat exchangers the tubes are having minimum tube pitch and permitting a greater number of tubes,resulting in maximum cooling surface area per unit volume of space.

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Series-BEX Heat Exchanger

Applications :

  • The BEX - Series of heat exchangers can be used in any industrial installation where stringent heat transfer requirements exist.
  • Oil temperature control in hydraulic power units, plastic injection molding machines, gear reducers, etc.
  • Oil, gas and water cooling in vacuum pumps.
  • compressors, engines, and turbines.
  • Critical temperature control of fluids in process industries
  • Heating and Cooling process of fluids
  • Cooling of engine jacket water
  • Cooling of Lube oil
  • Chemical industries
  • Food industries
  • Refining industries
  • Petrochemical industries


  • High heat transfer efficiency
  • Low pressure drop @ 1 to 2 psi
  • All weather constructions
  • High energy efficient
  • Easy maintenance