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Debris build-up inside condenser tubes reduces a plantís performance and erodes the tubes themselves, causing them to fail. Our Automatic Self-Flushing Debris Filtersí unique design fits within the cooling water line, so that the filter housing actually replaces a segment of the cooling water piping, thus eliminating the need for extra space or piping. It then removes coarse as well as fibrous debris, including plastic, clams, fish, tree roots, seaweed and pine cones.

Cleaning takes place via a rotor with several suction parts. Pressure drop is constantly monitored and, as soon as the pressure exceeds a pre-set value determined by debris accumulation, the suction rotor starts and the discharge valve opens. No further flushing devices or external pumps are needed.

In this way, the filterís unique design provides maximum debris removal at the lowest operating and maintenance costs.

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  • No clogging of the condenser tubes
  • no manual cleaning of the condenser required and therefore no downtimes
  • optimum cooling effect
  • optimum heat transfer and therefore
  • reliable separation and removal of any debris
  • easy installation due to optional fitting position  
  • minimum pressure drop
  • short backwash time
  • less cleaning water required
  • no additional water required to clean the screen
  • simple inside construction to ensure easy access to the internal fittings: even sealing rings may be replaced during filter operation
  • maximum debris separation efficiency
  • optimum protection against overload of internal fittings
  • reversible backwash possible

Available Size and Specifications
Line Size DN 200 to DN 3500
Flow Rates 400 m3/Hr. to 65000 m3/hr.
Material Shell : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cupro-Nickel
  Internals : SS 316 Ti, SS 317 LN, Cupro Nickel
Design Standard ASME/DIN/BS/BIS/JIS
Installation Vertical/Horizontal

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