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Condenser Onload Tube Cleaning System ( COLTCS )

In Heat Exchanger and Condenser Fouling can be very costly since it directly results in increased electricity consumption, interrupted operations, and increases maintenance costs. Maintenance costs can also be expected to continually rise because of environmental regulations.

The “On-Line Condenser Tube Cleaning System” is the perfect cost-effective solution that eliminates equipment downtime and optimises energy utilisation of water-cooled heat exchangers (including chillers) by automatically keeping heat exchanger tubes continuously free from effects of scaling and particulate fouling. This ensures optimal heat exchange efficiency, contributing to prevention of unnecessary energy loss and low total-cost-of-use.


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Available Size and Specifications
Line Size DN 200 to DN 3500
Flow Rates 400 m3/Hr. to 65000 m3/hr.
Material Shell : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cupro-Nickel
  Internals : SS 316 Ti, SS 317 LN, Cupro Nickel
Design Standard ASME/DIN/BS/BIS/JIS

Salient Features :

  • Fully automatic, no manual intervention required
  • Cleaning is done on continuous basis online
  • Zero ball loss system, no balls can escape to cooling tower
  • Ensures 100% clean tubes
  • Single System for Multiple Chillers even if the Chiller capacity is different
  • Smart System, gives an alarm for Sponge Ball Replacement
  • Automatically operates a cleaning cycle on the running chiller
  • Indicates number of cleaning cycles on individual chiller
  • Completes the cleaning cycle even if the chiller is stopped during the cycle
  • No water wastage from the system
  • No mixing of CW inlet and CW Outlet Water during operation
  • Minimal pressure drop in the Ball Trap
  • Negligible power consumption by the booster pumps
  • Highly reliable as the system has less no. of control valves
  • Cleaning Sponge Balls would never be in contact with pump impeller
  • Compact, smaller foot print
  • While venting air from Ball Collector, sponge balls can’t escape from Ball Collector
  • Sight glass on the ball collector facilitates easy counting & monitoring of sponge balls
  • No plant shut down for system installation
  • Flexibility of operation of CW Pumps in case of multiple chillers in the plant room
  • Simultaneous injection cycle in one chiller and collection cycle in another chiller is possible
  • Green Technology

Benefits :

  • Results in up to 20% energy saving in HVAC chillers
  • Results in up to 5% increase in power output in case of Power Plants
  • Increases cooling capacity of HVAC Chillers
  • Improves Condenser tube life
  • Improves Compressor Life
  • Avoids costly shutdown and downtime
  • Eliminates offline cleaning completely
  • Avoids harmful chemicals that are used for descaling
  • Cost effective technology and offers very attractive ROI, usually less than 1 year

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