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Ball Separator - for condenser tubes power plants generating units

Purpose and Scope of Ball Separator Unit

Bossmanfilter's Specially designed Ball Separator unit installed in the cylindrical body of Condenser Cooling water outlet pipe. The ball catching equipment which separates the cleaning balls from cooling water for recirculation. The Ball Separator is fitted with single/double screens at a selected angle for the smooth collection of Balls. The function of the ball collector unit automatically controlled by PLC based electrial control systems

Design Standard ASME/DIN/BS/BIS/IIS
Type of Function Manual or Automatic
Type of Installation Installation can be Horizontal/Vertical
Function Easy maintainability
Type / No of Screen Single screen/double screen/four screens/eight screens depending on the size of the C.W Line
Application Sea/River/Brackish/Lake Water & Brine


Line Size DN200 to DN 3600 mm Dia
Flow Rates 500 m3/Hr. to 110000 m3/Hr.
Shell Material Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel
Internal Material SS 316 Ti, SS 317 LN, Cupro Nickel
Design Standards ASME/DIN/BS/BIS/JIS