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We have designed and supplied shell-and-tube heat exchangers over the past 15 years, including high pressure applications. Ongoing research and development, along with our ISO 9001:2008-certified quality system, ensure that our advanced equipment meets our clients' requirements.

Our products are in great demand in Petrochemical field,Refineries,Chemical,Beverages,Fluid coupling,power and marine Industries.Following types of products are manufactured.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers:

Inter cooler,After cooler,oil cooler,Air cooler,Chillers,Gas coolers,Condenser,evaporator,super heater etc.

Air cooled heat exchangers:

Inter cooler, After cooler, oil cooler, Gas coolers, Condenser, Economizer, Evaporators, Radiators.

Marine Heat Exchangers:

Oil Cooler, Sea Water Fresh Water Cooler, Air Treatment Units, Condensers, Chillers

Extended surface heat exchangers:-

Gas coolers (H ,N ,0 etc),Process Heating and Cooling, Waste Heat Recovery,Electric Rotating Machine Coolers ,Air cooled Steam condensers for turbines, Economisers, Condensers

Fired Heaters

We have designed and built fired heaters of every size and type, often as the forerunner in the field of new design applications, technology and pollution control.

Air Preheaters

We offer cast iron preheaters, tubular systems, regenerative systems and preheaters used on gas turbine units to preheat air against exhaust gas.

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