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Tailor made heat exchangers for all kind of flue gases

Over 15 years of experience over a wide range of applications enables us to develop and optimize tailor made flue gas heat exchangers for all forms of combustion processes and associated fuels. Supply options can be either for complete units with casing and headers supplied as a built up unit or loose coils with supports typically on larger units that are assembled on site. Alternatively we can deliver loose tubes

The choice of heat recovery surface and materials of construction are carefully selected to suit the fuel and the operating conditions. The selection may be plate fin, cast iron, spiral fin or plain tubes.

benefits include:

  • Compact package delivers maximum heat transfer in a minimum space.
  • Tubes are continuously supported over the entire length by the plate fins thus providing a vibration-free design.
  • Our continuous silicone rubber seals at the top and bottom of the tube bundle prevent any mixing of inlet and outlet gas.
  • Integrated moisture separation eliminates the need for an external device.
  • Tubes are easily accessed for inspection and cleaning.

Standard Specifications

  • Sizes: 20" to 120" diameter; 3' to 35' length
  • Shells: Carbon Steel or 304 Stainless Steel
  • Tubes: Carbon Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, Admiralty, 90/10 copper-nickel. 70/30 copper nickel, or per customer specification.
  • Fins:Aluminum, Coated Aluminum, or Copper.
  • Flow: Available in 2 or 4 pass designs as typical, or any even number of passes.

Design & Engineering systems includes :

Thermal design is carried out to meet customer service requirements taking care of the following Constrains:-

  • Thermal Design
  • Space Limitations
  • Fouling From Operating Fluids
  • Pressure Drop Limitations
  • Fluid induced vibrations
  • Optimum Design
  • Mechanical Design by various national & international codes / standards

Quality Assurance

  • All Heat Exchanger are supplied with technical documentation for quality and safety instructions
  • Material Certification
  • Welder Qualifications and procedures
  • Non-Destructive Testing Reports
  • Third Party Inspection Reports(Optional)
  • Pressure Testing Certification
  • Operating and Maintenance Instructions

We also Design & Manufacture Custom Designed & OEM version of Heat exchanger on request.

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