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Bossmanfilter manufacturers storage systems for gasoline, diesel and other fuel, as well as on-site fire protection. Whether vertical or horizontal, Bossmanfilter has the above ground storage solution for all process fluids needs.

Features and Advantages of Storage Tanks

  • Design, Engineering, Procurement and Fabrication of above ground Steel Storage Tanks with complete in-house design facility for Floating, Cone & Dome Roof Tanks as per API 650
  • Supply includes Tank protection systems like Fire Protection, Rim Seal Fire Protection, and Cathodic Protection systems
  • Procurement & Supply of tank accessories like Flame Arrestors, Side Entry Mixers, Radar Gauges, Level Instruments, Heating coils & other instruments as per engineering requirement
  • Technical support & assistance provided by trained personnel during Erection & Commissioning


  • Deliver functional tank in 1/3 the time of field welded options
  • Reduced construction site heavy equipment
  • Flexibility and portability of modular design
  • Factory applied coatings last longer reducing maintenance costs welded tanks
  • Construction in remote locations and in most weather conditions
  • Little confined space work
  • No on site welding skills, permits and delays
  • Minimum laydown required
  • Field safety; no excessive high work
  • Product longevity and flexibility

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