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Two & Three Phase Separator System / Skid


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Two & Three Phase Vertical & Horizontal Separators

At Bossmanfilter we specialize in filling the needs of the petroleum industry, with products designed to withstand the rigors of oil and gas production. We understand that the ability to separate oil, gas, and water in oilfield operations is critical; thatís why we provide a wide range of robustly engineered 2 and 3 phase separators.

These high pressure separators are available in vertical or horizontal configurations, with a wide range of sizes and capacities.

Custom Designed and Fabricated Vertical / Horizontal HP Separators for the Oil and Gas Industry

Also a customer in the oil and gas industry needed a custom high pressure separator, used to separate the well fluids produced by oil and gas wells into gaseous and liquid components. Bossmanfilter is to perform all of the required work, which included the design and complete fabrication of vertical and Horizontal HP separators.The separator will be designed according to specific customer requirements, and the approval

Features and Advantages of Phase Separators

  • Primary equipment for Separation of Liquid and Gas (Two Phase) or Oil, Water and Gas (Three Phase) from Oil Well Stream
  • Designed and Manufacture as per API 12J
  • Internal Inlet Impingement Baffles, Wave Baffles, Flow Straightening Baffles, Weirs, Mist Eliminators and Vortex Breakers provided for effective Separations
  • Equipment adequately designed to allow sufficient retention period
  • Controls and Instrumentation provided to accurately measure the Gas, Oil and Water Flow rates, Regulate the Pressure and Monitor the levels of Oil, Water in the Separator
  • Automated Liquid (Oil and Water) removal system provided
  • Large Size / Pressure Range
  • Compact, Skid Mounted System can also be provided

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