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Knockout Drums / Scrubbers



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Knockout Drum

Knockout Drums / Scrubbers

Knock out vessels are used to slow down gasses and allow liquids to "fall out" of the gas stream. Knock out drums can be installed either in the waste gas header, or in the flare stack base itself. Knock out drums can be configured in either a horizontal, or vertical arrangement.

Construction can be of Carbon Steel, or for corrosive services Stainless steel. Automatic drain controls can be included to prevent the accumulation of fluids in the seal. Two-inch flanged drain connection for draining and cleaning the vessel. Man way with hinged cover can be supplied for internal inspection and repair. All vessels are manufactured in accordance with ASME code.

Futures and Advantages of Knockout drums / scrubbers

  • Used for Solid / Liquid Separation from Gas Stream
  • Removes Solid and Liquid Particle sizes greater than 10 Microns with 100% efficiency
  • VANE / MESH / Multi-cyclone design
  • Prevents re-entertainment of separated particles
  • Low Pressure Drops
  • Large Collection Volumes
  • Large Size Range
  • Provision for Automated Liquid Level Monitoring and Liquid Removal

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