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Indirect Water Bath Heater



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Indirect Water Bath Heater

Indirect Heaters for Oil Field Applications

Bossmanfilter manufactures custom indirect heaters that are designed for oil field applications. Indirect heaters are generally used for corrosive fluids, and consist of three main components: firebox, shell and coil. These components work together to transfer heat through a medium, usually water, to the wellstream.


Preheating of crude oil, heating of gas/crude at the well head (prevents cooling effect of gasses expanding), heating of high viscosity fluids to reduce pumping pressures, heating fuel gas at power generation sites, heating at compressor stations, fuel gas dew point control, heating high pressure hydrocarbon gas streams, vaporisation of process fluids and reboiler heating.

Futures and Advantages of Phase Separators

  • Gas Fired Indirect Water Bath Heaters designed in full compliance to API 12K specifications
  • Natural Draft Burners, directly mounted on Fire Tube.
  • Forced Draft Burners also provided as per requirement
  • Precise temperature control of Water Bath
  • Removable Single or Twin Fire Tube Design
  • Removable Heating Coil for case of maintenance
  • Burners System complete with Pilot, Main Burner, Gas Train, Spark Igniter with Transformer provided
  • Flame Arrestors at Burners Air Intake and Stack Top provided
  • Large Heating capacity capacities ranging from 1MM 15 BTU/hr.

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