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Dry Gas Filter

Filter Separator and Dry Gas Filters

Bossmanfilter are involved in Design, Manufacture & Supply of a wide range of dry gas filters and separators for various applications including gas distribution, metering skids, MRS, DRS & Servo Gas (Instrumentation). Filter Vessels are designed as per ASME Sec VIII Div 1 Code. Welding is carried out by Qualified Welders as per following ASME Sec IX. NDT Procedures are followed as per ASME Sec V. The Housing material will be Carbon steel , SS304 and SS316

Futures and Advantages of Dry Gas Filters

  • Available Gas Flow Rates capacity from 30 SCMH to 65,000 SCMH
  • Gas Operating Pressure from 1 Bar (G) through 400 Bar (G)
  • For Removal of Liquid / Solid Particles down to 1 Micron with 99.9% efficiency
  • Horizontal / Vertical Design
  • High Performance, Proven Make , Coalescing Type Glass Fiber Elements used in Primary Section
  • Secondary Section provided with efficient Impingement Separators or Mist Eliminators to remove Coalesced Liquid
  • In horizontal Filter Separator downcomers from Primary and Secondary Sections pass liquid to sump to prevent re-entrainments
  • Large Liquid Collection Volumes
  • Equipment provided with Quick Opening Closures for quick access to Filter Elements
  • Provision for Automated Liquid Level Monitoring & Liquid Removal

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