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Compressor Package for Gas and Oil Industries

Our Natural Gas Compressor packages feature safety, reliability, and high efficiency, and guarantee suitability for gas transmission, injection, storage and other applications.

Features and Advantages of Compressor Package

  • Packaging of Compressors for;
  • Process Gas (Compressor for Petro Chemical and refinery service)
  • Natural Gas (Booster Compressor for Power Plants)
  • CNG (Compressors for Filling Station)
  • Gas Booster Compressor Package includes Gas Conditioning System, Volume bottles, Scrubbers, Online filters, Inter-Cooling, After-Cooling and Gas Metering Systems
  • Compressor package provided with closed loop control system integrated to PLC, Vibration monitors, Safety Interlocks and other Instrumentation and Control systems
  • Trained professionals for installation, erection and commissioning of the Compression Systems

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