Air Receiver Tank

Air Receiver Tank

Working Principle

Bossmanfilter BR-Series Air Receiver Tanks provide compressed air when short-term demand exceeds the compressor output. They reduce pulsation and repetitive cycling of the compressor operation. They also remove moisture and entrained oil from the air allowing them to settle to the bottom of the receiver where it can be periodically Drained off using manual valve or automatic drain valve systems.

Air receiver tanks are typically used in compressed air systems to store the compressed air and to permit pressure to be equalized in the system.


BR-Series Vertical Tank


BR-Series Horizontal Tank


  • Manufactured to ASME Code.
  • Standard design pressures are 125 and 150 psi. (Other pressure ratings are available
  • Inlet and Outlet connections (based on the compressor outlet connection dimensions)
  • Bottom Drain Outlet.
  • Pressure Gauge connection.
  • Safety relief valve connection.
  • Inspection openings.
  • Exterior with shop primer or as per request


  • Tank Support Systems.
  • Horizontal - UL Saddles
  • Vertical - Ring Bases or Legs.
  • 12" X 16" minimum elliptical manway.