Air Cooled After Cooler

Air Cooled After Coolers

Working Principle

Bossmanfilter BAC - Series air cooled after cooler provide economical cooling by utilizing ambient air to cool the hot compressed air from an air compressor.Discharge air from an air compressor is generally 180F - 350F, depending on the type of compressor. With a properly sized aftercooler, as much as 68% of the water in compressed air can be removed.

Air-cooled aftercoolers can reduce the size of a dryer necessary to meet system output air requirements, will extend the life of the dryer and filters, and reduce maintenance, making it an outstanding value!

Air-cooled aftercoolers can be sized to cool the hot compressed air within 5F to 20F of the ambient air temperature. Aftercoolers can be installed so normal wasted heat can be reclaimed and recirculated.

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BAC - Series Air Cooled Aftercooler


  • High heat transfer efficiency
  • Low pressure drop @ 1 to 2 psi
  • Direct Drive Fan motor
  • Less noise level
  • All weather constructions
  • High energy efficient
  • Copper tube with aluminium fins